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To provide affordable renewable energy systems for the benefit of rural communities which in turn provide sustainable income.


To provide clean energy systems to contribute towards protecting the environment of the World.


To work hand in hand with Government, Regional, District and local authorities to provide affordable renewable systems, above all solar water systems which is life most needed sustenance.



SUNNRGY SYSTEMS Limited has been in the forefront in supporting rural communities in Tanzania, which started with our CEO building wells and providing sustainable income since 2002 in rural Tanzania. In 2009 SUNNRGY   SYSTEMS  partnered with  SYCAWAY SOLAR of VERMONT, NY  USA to start providing solar water systems as the shallow wells were drying very quickly due to climate change. Volunteers came from the US to train our local staff to install the most reliable and sophisticated solar LORENTZ pumps.












In 2010 Ms. Karen Flewelling from Saratoga New York, joined hand with SUNNRGY SYSTEMS LTD through African Reflections Foundation as have built 16 deep wells to rural communities for local communities in Mkaranga and Temeke District.


SUNNRGY SYSTEMS LTD and Team Rafiki from New York, provided an office, clinic, tailoring and workshop for women in Kisele Village in Mkuranga. SUNNRGY SYSTEMS provided roof top solution to provide lighting for facilities in 2010.


SUNNRGY SYSTEMS continued its obligations towards Social Corporate Responsibility by building a nursery school in Njia Pande Kisele with solar renewable energy.


In 2011, SUNNRGY SYSTEMS provided the solutions for 3 wells in Mwasonga, Mkamba and Kisarawe II,













In Mkamba SUNNRGY SYSTEMS LTD provided the Solar Pumping System for the Makamba Primary School, we helped build a fish pond for the school, by pumping the water to the pond. Proudly to say that the fish pond is doing well and fish is ready for harvesting this year, 2012.













SUNNRGY SYSTEMS is currently building a nursery Class at the same school.


In April 2012, SUNNRGY SYSTEMS partnered once again with Karen Flewelling and Kevin Bailey SYCAWAY SOLAR and their Foundation: THE SKY IS NOT LIMITED to build three more wells in rural Tanzania. This time SOLAR POWERED WELLS LORENTZ pumps, we built in Golani, Kwa Chale villages in Temeke District, another well was built at Mkokozi School in Mkuranga District.













SUNNRGY SYSTEMS is committed to train its technician in Germany and Kenya to continue their studies in providing high tech solutions in renewable energy. We are presently training young school leavers in renewable energy at our offices. Our aim is to encourage more women to indulge in renewable energy.


SUNNRGY SYSTEMS has trained local community members in support for them to take care of the solar roofing systems as well solar water pumping systems.


SUNNRGY SYSTEMS LTD provides for school fees to a number of students in Mkuranga District


SUNNRGY SYSTEMS LTD provides food distribution for Iftar to rural communities in Mkuranga, Mkuranga and Kigamboni Districts since 2009 to-date, during the month of Ramadhan.



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