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To provide affordable renewable energy systems for the benefit of rural communities which in turn provide sustainable income.


To provide clean energy systems to contribute towards protecting the environment of the World.


To work hand in hand with Government, Regional, District and local authorities to provide affordable renewable systems, above all solar water systems which is life most needed sustenance.


About Solar Energy

Energy from the Sun can be converted directly or indirectly into other forms of energy, such as heat and electricity.  The world over technologies are being used to harness this gift from Nature.


Solar Energy

Solar is used to provide energy  for water heating, lighting of buildings, for agriculture, cooling systms and  generating electrical energy. It is also used for pumping water though various technology.

















PV Photovoltaic and Wind Power is the most common mean of  renewable energy.

Commonly known as solar cells, individual PV cells are electricity-producing devices made of semiconductor materials. PV cells come in many sizes and shapes — from smaller than a postage stamp to several inches across. They are often connected together to form PV modules that may be up to several feet long and a few feet wide. Modules, in turn, can be combined and connected to form PV arrays of different sizes and power output as it may be needed. When sunlight shines on photovoltaic cells, it is absorbed and converted directly into electricity without any moving parts.


Deriving energy from the sun offers numerous environmental benefits. It is an extremely clean energy source, and few other power-generating technologies have as little environmental impact.  PV produces no air pollution or hazardous waste and zero emissions.


PV system can generate electricity for many small projects. More complicated systems provide power for, water pumps, lighting systems, solar farms, electrical appliances, household appliances, garden lights, street lights, airports lights, defense lights and many more.


Facts related to solar energy are and why people use solar:


- One kilowatt equals 1,000 watts.

- One kilowatt-hour (kWh) equals the amount of electricity needed to burn a 100 watt light bulb for 10 hours.



  • A sunny location receive an average of 5.5 hours of sunlight per day each year.
  • A cloudy location  receives 2.5 hours per day of sunlight each year.
  • A 1 kilowatt peak solar system generates around 1,600 kilowatt hours per year in a sunny climate and about 750 kilowatt hours per year in a cloudy climate.
  • A solar energy system can provide electricity 24 hours a day when the solar electric modules are combined with batteries in one integrated energy system.
  • Solar modules produce electricity even on cloudy days, usually around 10-20% of the amount produced on sunny days.
  • The typical components of a solar home system include the solar module, an inverter, a battery, a charge controller, wiring, and support structure.
  • A typical silicon cell solar module will have a life in excess of 20 years
  • PV system will operate unattended and requires minimum periodic maintenance
  • PV system can be designed for easy expansion. If the power demand might increase in future years
  • PV system can be designed for easy expansion, when power demand may increase in the future
  • PV system has no effect on the environment, no pollution and  no waste products and is zero emission.
  • PV modules proven technology guarantees 25 years of operation.
  • PV systems are often seen as expensive but it should be noted that it offsets  high cost incurred by todays high rate of  conventional electricity supply
  • PV Solar water pumping can be installed anywhere where there is no grid power, hence bring a large potential for Rural Development through water irrigation




Our Expertise in Solar Water Pumping Systems

Solar vs Diesel calculator is available


Our superiors LORENTZ have developed a new calculator information to show customers how much they could save by moving from diesel powered pumping to a solar solution.Everything you need to know about  information on solar v diesel. It takes about 2 minutes to create a customized calculation.












Water Pumping Systems

PV Solar water pumping LORENTZ systems can be installed anywhere where there is no grid power, hence bringing a large potential for Rural Development through water irrigation, for clean drinking water, farming, livestock keeping, sanitation, water supply projects, from small to large projects. The use of  fuel/diesel generators for pumping water systems will no longer be required with our LORENTZ. They are maintenance free and a life span of of 15/25years.


Our solar water systems can sustain all weather conditions, it is environment friendly, rural user friendly, we train a local team to support us on minor issues, this gives the rural people a reason for training.
























Solar Water Pumps Systems Sizing calculator is available

LORENTZ has developed a sizing system  (COMPASS) which will give  the exact sizing and requirement according to your location and specification. This system is sophisticated and can locate your area and therefore provide the depth, PV Sizing and type of pump to be used. It also give the water flow at all levels and indicate the exact output. Our engineers and technicians have been trained (and continue to upgrade on new technology as appropriate)  to install our systems and guarantee professional technical support for any trouble shooting/reporting.








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